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PostSubject: Tick-counting   Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:14 pm

Knowing how to count ticks in GOP is necessary to be able to have a say in what's a good method to go about gopping or not.
As such, one should be able to analyse a complete game into individual moves and how long they take based on a few axioms.

GOP is actually a turn-based game, and each turn lasts for 0.6 seconds or 600 milliseconds. One turn is one tick. All actions you register in one turn will start to take place by the next tick.

Walking one tile takes one tick.
Running two tiles takes one tick. You cannot run an odd number of tiles, you will end up walking the last tile.
An orb moves 1 tile per tick.

Manipulating orbs:
Every tick you spend on manipulating any orb is animated with a blob emitted from your wand towards the orb.

Manipulating an orb for one tick is called a tap, and it sends it on a path to reach its destination square a maximum of two tiles away. It will bypass obstacles through a maximum of 4 tiles to reach its destination square, unless its path is completely blocked.

If you are completely idle for more than one tick, you may manipulate an orb immediately. Elsewise, there are certain conditions that, when met, halts you for a tick before manipulating an orb. This delay before attracting or repelling an orb, is called a prototick.

Prototicks occur when:
- You tapped an orb in the tick before.
- You stop moving in the tick before you click the orb.
- Manipulating an orb with the "change-wand" option.
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