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 Alternative ways to play

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PostSubject: Alternative ways to play    Sat May 12, 2012 2:26 pm

Solike. Having played a bit in the past few days (out of boredom) and thinking I’ve not written anything in a while (again, out of boredom) thought I might as well share a musing or two.

Aaanyhow. I notice in particular that there isn’t much variation in what game set-ups are used at gop. So far as I can tell, one does some duo coord in world 61, and occasionally ventures into the plains of the private world to do a coord 2vs2. Sometimes a 1vs1 even occurs.

So if anyone fancies varying it up a little, here’s a few alternative game set-ups to try.

1 - 2vs2 a/d
Players: 2 per team
World: Any Private
Description: before the game each teams decides on one player to attack and one player to defend. The attacking player plays the game as if it were a 1vs1 and solos round the altars. Meanwhile, the defenders of each team attempt to defend the attacker of the other team.

2 – 1vs1 a/d
Players: 1 per team
World: Any Private
Description: Pretty much the same as any other 1vs1. Except you can also defend. Be careful to confirm that defending is allowed before hand because apparently it’s frowned upon to whip out a barrier in the last ¼ to win by a +1 and such behaviour is deemed appropriate to be met with a ragequit by the one who was defended.

3 – Public 1vs1
Players: 1 per team
World: 61 (or 60. do people still play there?)
Description: the two players join opposite teams in world 61 and do battle whilst surrounded by people with very little idea of what to do.

4 – Sabb challenge
Players: 1 per team
World: 61 (or 60)
Description. The players join opposite teams and brandish their repeller. They then sabb the **** out of their own team. The player with the lowest score at the end of the altar wins!

5 – 2vs2 with alternative strategy(s)
Players: 2 per team
World: Any private
Description: Same as a usual 2vs2, both players attacking, though coord is not allowed. Use either diord or koord.

6 – Chaos
Players: 5 per team
World: Any Private
Description: Choose any setup of attackers/ defenders you want, and prepare for a massive melee of mentalness!

7 – 1vs1 1 orb
Players: 2 per team (1 actively playing, 1 sitting)
World: Any Private
Description: 1 player in the team plays as if it was a 1vs1, but may only play with one orb. As soon as they click on their first orb the other player repels the others away, leaving them to play with only 1 orb.

8 – Outside the altar
Players: Any
World: Any Private
Description: Anything goes, attract or repel. But you may not go inside the altar! All orbs are to be set up and/or scored without going inside the squares on the altar side of the pillars.

9 – Repelling only
Players: Any private
World: Any Private
Description: Orbs may only be touched with a repeller wand. Harder than it sounds!

10 – Solo coord
Players: 2 people, each multilogging on 2 accounts
World: Any private
Description: Multilog, go in to the altar and coord with yourself! Put one account of each side of the altar and switch between windows.
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Alternative ways to play
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