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 Air Altar Trio Configurations

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PostSubject: Air Altar Trio Configurations   Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:14 pm

Toord is three people coording (courtesy to Roshan for coining the term).

I've made two maps showing two versions of Toord. One common, and one abnormal.

Tiles filled with yellow are reachable. The dots are where orbs can spawn in Air Altar. The cyan one's are one-tick reaches beneficial to the positions.

You can click one of the positions to see further details as to how to coord from this position. The cyan dots in these indevidual maps are the one-tick reaches this coord position should focus on in this coord-configuration.

WSE-Toord has 28 spawnpoints that cannot be immediately reached, whilst WS(NE)-Toord only has 16 of those!


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Air Altar Trio Configurations
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