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 The Altar Mapping Project

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PostSubject: The Altar Mapping Project   Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:15 am

To undertake such a project as to map every single spawn in every altar in GOP, I feel daunted to complete it myself too quickly. So I would make it a collaborative task if anyone is willing to help. Point out where spawns are lacking in any altar and make a post out of it in its respective topic. Add a screenshot of the spawn if you can. Especially with nature and chaos altar, p2p goppers would have it an easier task to help there.

Also post angles for respective spawns if you can.

This will be very helpful in regards to developing GOP Theory. Subjects such as position potential and angle theory will be given a firm foundation in which to build upon.

Work in progress Google Spreadsheet of all altars, their spawns and perimeters.

The illustrative angles will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube here:
YouTube Playlist: Angle Library
Help with illustration of angles!: Make a short clip of the spawn and the angle and tell me.

Links to the topics:
Air Altar (189 spawns mapped, perimeter, interactive image map, 11 spawn topics)
Mind Altar (perimeter mapped, many spawns mapped, crude interactive image map)
Water Altar (perimeter mapped, many spawns mapped)
Earth Altar (perimeter mapped)
Fire Altar (perimeter mapped)
Body Altar (perimeter mapped)
Chaos Altar (not started)
Nature Altar (not started)
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The Altar Mapping Project
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