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 Campaign for The Great Orb Project

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PostSubject: Campaign for The Great Orb Project   Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:03 pm

In launching a campaign directed at Jagex, I wish to brief ideas and rhetoric with other minds so that the case might be made stronger and clearer. I'm setting up the framework in which ideas can aspire from and then eventually, form a cohesive plan.

The meaning of life:
I feel that this game, GOP, is neglected in the way that it's thought of a minigame merely played so as to get you through other parts of RuneScape, rather then focusing on the game itself. Its rewards are always meant to benefit the RuneScape outside of the Runecrafting guild so as to make people think that this place is a pit stop that they have to spend time in so as to gain those benefits, rather then trying to appeal as a game that can be played for fun. This is what I want to change.


What change(s) to aim for? (consider likelihood of breaking through and ease of implementation)
- A practice feature within GOP so that people may play solo against nothing (with removed opponent orbs) and 1v1 without having wait for glitchors/sitzors. This is similar to the practice feature with no rewards that exists in the Dominion Tower. It would see great use even without token reward for this in GOP as well.

- An option to 1v1 with someone, without having to wait for two sitters/glitchers.
This might be balanced by none or half tokens so that it would be somewhat impractical to abuse it. As Ghosta suggested, add a duel function to the right-click of players in Runecrafting Guild so that people may 1v1. This would also save the several hundreds of goppers that do 1v1s some time, as they don't have to hop world.

- High-level RuneScape forums.
- RuneScape official forums.
- YouTube.
Anywhere else?

To explain the need for this to what most likely is deaf ears, points must be stressed about dedication and vastness of the community in competative GOP.

Now, launching several crusades for different aspects of changes within GOP at once might seem counterintuitive, but I believe each of these matters will act as an amplifier and catalyze the traction of the others. It is easier to gain attention to issues about The Great Orb Project if we organise an assault from more than one front, in different forums and posts within RS forums. While the attention of Jagex is on GOP for a while, it would be wise not to waste this attention by not mentioning other issues that needs be settled.

In such agenda, one might find it tactical to frontier this along with (I would like suggestions on more of these):
- Fix the repeller wand nerf. (Arys) Topic in RS forums
- GOP hiscores. (Hoppe) Topic in RS forums
- Pick up multiple essence from ground in one click (Briefly by Hoppe)
- Reduce penalty for leaving a game early.
- Ability to qc amount of GOP tokens.
- Misplaced flashing arrow on the minimap.
- Spectator function.
- Milestone Award System
- World Records Commerative Plaque
- GOP Staking
- Tournament function in the Runescape Forums.
- A really cool hat that you can buy for 1M tokens. You can take in game and it changes colour. Must be bigĀ§!

Note, we have to stress the importance in always stressing the importance in not letting them ruin the very GOP mechanics. That would set aside 200k+ hours that people have spent trying to improve upon their skills within the GOP.

1. Great Orb Project "practice mode" function.
2. Great Orb Project right-click "duel" option (1v1).
3. Great Orb Project Milestone Award System.
4. Great Orb Project World Records Scoreboard.
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Campaign for The Great Orb Project
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