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 Your Gop Story

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PostSubject: Your Gop Story   Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:32 pm

We are closing in on Gop's 4th birthday!  To celebrate, I'm creating this thread so everyone can share their own story about Gop.  Please don't hold back and share every little detail!
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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:49 pm

I was eager to play Gop the day it came out, but I didn't expect to be playing it 4 years after release.  I've always been prone to play mini games.  I would always be getting fighter torso's for my cousin, dungeoneering, playing castle wars, and even trouble brewing.  I seem to have a bit of ADD, which corresponds with my Runescape habits.

I started playing Gop the first day it came out.  I soon figured out how to "effectively" play.  It seemed I was the only one who understood that orbs can't go through walls.  I met Puu4, a renowned player, along with (need my friends list).  They had a similar play style to me, setting and scoring.  We would then advance our skills by having one person inside the pillars while the other set.  Then came "feeding".  I don't know who invented this method but by god it was revolutionary, the building blocks of coord.  The game was advancing fast and coord was established.  As time past those friends drifted off beyond the walls of the guild.

I pinata sabre, the mother of the golden age.  She established a fun fc where people who were above average could hang out.  I met plenty of friends in that fc.  I met Chef Maul and Defmaxhit, and we were a force to be reckoned with.  We created the Col0rful(l)(l) triplets, and it was a great time.  Pin was an evil person, crashing the 5050ers.  I would join her raiding party on occasion : D.  When Pin achieved 1,000,000 tokens it was quite the feat.  She was a role model for many, and a great gopper.

After Pin's fc everything went down hill, and fast.  Lilangelgop was not the fc for me.  I achieved the gold star, but there was too much fighting over ranks.  I didn't make very many friends in that fc, because I wasn't one too argue over a "rank".  I decided to move on too castle wars.  There I enjoyed myself for a couple months, but decided to quit runescape.

My cousin persuaded me to come back, but by the time I came back to Gop, the Gop Cabal era was ending.  I met The Cat180, yes, I know.  Cat was a raging troll to many, but was kind to me...sometimes.  We became coord partner and would play with each other whenever we were on.  I then met Uryuu Sado, who did not like Cat one bit.  Then Uryuu made the new fc.  I enjoyed it, but there seemed to be a new feel to Gop.  There was a lot more arrogance, pride, and trolling.  I played for a couple more months, and then quit runescape again.

This summer I decided to get back onto runescape, to see how much it had changed.  It was a lot different, and so was Gop.  Uryuu told me to join "Gop Revival", but i was out of there in 10 minutes.  When I went back to Gop i found out from friends that "Gee Oh Pee" was the new fc.  I joined and have so far liked the atmosphere.

I asked what had happened while I was gone and learned that this,Timome, guy had soloed a 47.  I had to meet this remarkable fellow.  I was introduced to all he's done for the Gop community and was quite impressed.  I knew then that I wanted to be apart of that.  I joined Gop Academy and here I am now.  A strong supporter of the Gop community.

A list of my achievements since joining Gop Academy.
-Mapped out the Water-Body Altar's
-Started the Gop School fc.
-In the process of implementing monthly Gop Gatherings.
-Have made some amazing new friends.

People who have influenced me.
-Stelth Eagle
-Nibbles 2
-xx skillaxx
-Wazzup Deed
-Dee Battery
-Chef Maul
-Pinata Sabre
-Kc Luvs U
-The Cat180
-Uryuu Sado
-Kid Sasuke
-Uriel Gale
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Gop Literacy

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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:37 pm

My GOP story is pretty much my RuneScape story. When I first saw RuneScape, it was my brother, Tord, who introduced it to me when it was still in classic. I thought it a pointless experience, and so I continued off into slaying tufser in the forest with my repertoire of beautifully crafted medieval instruments. It was parhaps a year or more until I tried creating my own RuneScape account, Timome. Was a fun experience, and ofcourse, nostalgic in hindsight as found with all Scapers (try playing Harmony from the old RS music). I got to about level 30-40 before I abandoned the interest.

Ode to such nostalgia, I decided to see how the game had changed since I left it. It was in autumn 2010 I created the account Anand Wa Neo (named after Viswanathan Anand who had just won the WChess Championship 2010). I got to about combat level 40 before I decided there was little left to do in RS. I read the RS wikia for things to do, and realised that the Runecrafting Guild was the only place I hadn't visited yet. I got 50 runecrafting after about 2 days of hard work (fog and earth altar). During which time, and this part is peculiar, I saw X1nfinityx working to gather 50 rc on his first alt, Nightshaded6.

I was on my way to the Wizard's Tower right after achieving 50 rc (maybe July 2010), and I saw a guy heading for the same destination as me in Draynor. I asked him if he knew what Great Orb Project was, and he said that's where he was destined to, but that you had to go to World 61, because that's where other people were too. He logged and went on to explore the guild empty before hopping world. I quickly decided Vief was gay and that I'd forever stay loyal to the Green Orbs.

I read the Wika article on GOP, and found that the 'best' strategy for tokens was 5050. With a person I had contact with before my 50 rc period, At Me Jt (here's a yt of us on early financial endeavours BANANA - he's also culprit of making me talk cyan), I met Nejiskills and xiStarryx (now Tiingo). The four of us started regular 5050's in At Me Jt's cc. Nejiskills dc'd at fire, and I was left the only one playing in Body Altar, asking in cc what had happened. This first encounter to soloing in any altar, I achieved 27, and spending time in the beginning to ask what had happened to Neji. No idea had I that this could've been 45 if I played it today. Somehow after a while, we met Epeeh (name Ratzatiko or something), who was kind enough to take the lot of us to an introduction to GOP in Air Altar. She showed us OAO, and some other useful things (she mentioned Puu yt), including, and most importantly of all, inspiration! Our 5050 had become a mere training ground where it mostly ended up me and Neji 1v1ing eachother.

Their interest in GOP soon faded and I was left contemplating the slimmer meaning of W61ing in solitude. This is a period where I saw someone asking for someone to "sit" for a 1v1 game publically. I asked what that meant and was kindly shown how to. The pair of 1v1ers just happened to be Uriel Gale and Himanshugo (duckfeet)! I sat along with Kaito God and was inspired by their appetite and aptitude for GOP. I didn't interact much with them, alas, after I sat in a couple of their 1v1s.

A long standing GOP relationship I formed, however, with the great Kid Sasuke and Vawy. We spent hours taking turns 1v1ing (Vawy mutliring). I achieved my first 30 solo (31 fire). I was far inferior to both of them.

Asian Sauce (Drag0na) taught me, along with Yayan Sun, a bit about timing and positioning.

Another chapter, lateral to the timeline indulged, is when I met Sokarey and Gethynytridd.

People whom I recall that have influenced my GOP playing-style:

  • Epeeh (introduction (OAO, et.c.))
  • Puu4 (videos)
  • Sokarey
  • Gethynytridd
  • Kid Sasuke
  • Vawy
  • Jr Fog Pros
  • paanda eyes
  • Icy001
  • X1nfinityx
  • Asian Sauce
  • Mel is Love

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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:27 pm

I got 50 Runecrafting then I played GOP.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:45 am

The day that GOP came out, I had level 42 Runecrafting. I was a free-to-play player, with decent skills, and found Runecrafting very enjoyable. I fondly remember running to and from the air altar (south of Falador at the time) wearing my favourite outfit: a Saradomin aligned Rune armour set, along with a pair of Mime boots/gloves and a Staff of air.

I got from level 42 to 50 Runecrafting in 1 day of extreme RCing. It wasn't grinding though, as I was still fairly new to the skilling scene (in my 3rd or 4th year of Runescape, 1st year of being on a F2P account) and still found everything fun. Once I achieved 50, I went straight to the Runecrafting Guild. I sought out to buy my first set of robes; I bought the blue set. Within the first two days of GOP, I had bought a blue set of Runecrafting robes and an Air talisman staff.

I then went back to the air altar and found myself playing GOP from time to time. My account was called Nhl 4eva, and by the time it was banned in August of 2011 for bug abuse, I had found myself as a free-to-play player with 10 90+ skills. As I began training the account X Ieatpoop X after my saddening (not to mention unjust) loss, I pondered as to how I would match my (then) impressive 73 Runecrafting on Nhl 4eva. I decided to go back to GOP, and found myself buying tabs for 60.

Skilling then took over for a few months. A good friend of mine, Cherrycola74, had recently achieved 99 Mining and Crafting as a F2P player. He decided that he would spend a larger portion of his time at GOP, so I decided to join him. Averaging at an approximate air solo of 25, I was no stranger to GOP; I just needed a bit more practice. After every skill goal I met, I would play GOP for a couple thousand tokens. I found myself playing GOP for money in order to fund my skilling.

As levelling became harder, I realized that I had done all my skill goals once before, on Nhl 4eva. I tried thinking of what else there was.... and so I set some GOP goals. I managed to do a 30+ air solo within my first week of being back in GOP.

Some achievements in order:

30 air solo
10 mind solo
10 earth solo
20 water solo
25 body solo
30 fire solo
25 water solo
30 water solo
35 air solo
50 air duo
20 mind duo
55 air duo
58 air duo
38 air solo
15 mind/earth solo (in the same game!)
35 fire solo
39 air solo
41 fire solo
Talisman staff set (All 6 F2P ones)
42 fire solo
30 body solo
35 body solo
100k tokens at once (I had spent on talismans every time I got 50k)
200k tokens at once

Currently, as my maxes stand, they are: 39(5x), 15(3x), 30(3x), 15(2x), 42(1x), 35(2x)

From level 60 Runecrafting, I have played GOP for xp. I did a total of 178k Runecrafting xp (enough for level 79-80) at Runespan. The rest (60-79, 80-85) has been at GOP. I 1v1 people every day now, still set at that goal of a 40 air solo. After 5 39's and 8 38's, as well as 2 40+ fire solos so far in my GOP history, I'm closer than ever to my goal! The endless possibilities at GOP push me on, and even though I have my real enjoyment of F2P skilling, GOP is a key aspect as to why I keep playing Runescape after nearly 8 years without ever quitting.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:16 pm

Redefinition wrote:

Really, all was fine with your story until you said you liked skilling more than you liked GOP. Blasphemy.

Goodluck. =)
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RuneScape name(s) : Redefinition
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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:19 pm

Timo wrote:
Redefinition wrote:

Really, all was fine with your story until you said you liked skilling more than you liked GOP. Blasphemy.

Goodluck. =)

Lol! I apologize lol!

Thanks though, Timo. :D Much like skilling, the goals are what make me continue playing. ^.^
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yayan sun

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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:04 pm

Haha, yeah I remember you Timome! Your username was Anand Wa Neo back then. Ah, asian sauce was his name! I forgot about it! Wow... That was so long ago it seems.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:52 pm

Before I begin please note my story stands in contrast with those previously guilded. While those before me  sought to nourish and sustain the GOP community I (regrettably!) only helped to destroy it.

    I started off as most. The standard free-to-play player in search of quick and easy gp. In search of this I heard about the mini-game in the Runecrafting Guild. I was somewhat overtaken by the amount of effort Jagex had put into a free to play feature and so grew fond of such a luxury. It was actually pretty overwhelming at first. Being a team-based activity it was not uncommon to find players flaming each other in frustration (I being one of said players). Once I started getting the hand of things, though, it quickly became relaxing while at the same time thought provoking. Even so, I was still one of those players who would watch for "stacked" teams, waiting for all the "pros" to join one so I could quickly follow. After countless times being glitched into games by my lonesome I began to realize this wasn't the way to go.

    So I turned to 50/50 games to learn more about the game... its tactics, features, tricks, maneuvers ... and so on. This was during a period before GOP Addict where there was no single standard 50/50 clan chat. A few of them however were pretty long-standing and I got attuned to some of those overtime.
    One of those chats was called "Lil Klipz". It was there that I met Krug General, Noob Rider34 and others. They were so innovative in the way they played that I noted how vast my ignorance of the game still was in comparison and so, focused my in-game time solely on GOP. At the time they were far ahead of the curb, already having weighed the benefits of deading (they called it matrixing) and multiorbing during a time which a 40 air solo held significance. At the time I didn't understand the significance of their creativity but now, looking back on how early this was, I doubt others had yet fathomed such ideas.
    After a while these 50/50 chats started dieing off, losing headway GOP Addict, a community based chat which had ranks dedicated to ensuring fairness and stability. After some days of playing with them regularly I finally achieved my first notable milestone of 100k tokens. But being the thought absent teenager that I was, I began crashing games in hopes of expanding my earnings. I soon became aware of other recurring crashers like Nada Surfs and Taker2121 who, despite being horrible people, were great friends. We made it our goal to cause as much havoc within the GOP Addict as possible, enticing others to crash, spamming the chat, trolling, creating undercover accounts, and even forming a clan dedicated solely to crashing 50/50 games in hopes of closing down the chat for good(we were bored high school kids desperately in need of a hobby to say the least). Then and even in hindsight it was hilariously fun... maybe because our goal was unattainable or because the chase itself was so thrilling that this didn't matter.
    The ranks tried to stop us, of course. Most often they were successful but we had our moments of glory. And as we would have our day-to-day battles full of sabotage and scheming, we knew the ranks were enjoying it as well. At most the challenge defined their purpose as ranks. And at least made the clan more interesting.
    Dramas arose and vendettas began but I shook clear of such things focusing my interests on the game itself. Because of our shenanigans the token flow began to slow and games ran less fluidly. But it was no longer about the tokens. We had developed a certain value for the game and it's mechanisms that rewards became trivial. When GOP Addict's crasher problems would result in a temporary shut down we would play private games practicing solos, duos, and learning angles, in anticipating of its revival; things were good.
    As time went on our clan expanded, appexing 10 or so regular members at one point. While this was happening, however, bots became abundant while GOP (Runescape in general) began to lessen in popularity. Rewards lessened in value. Human players became less frequent. Several players began to quit in frustration. Eventually both GOP Addict and Hippie Group withered into nothing.
    I played an active role in this too as I aided Jeremy (alias 'Lily' of LilyGopPro, former crasher of GOP Addict)  in the creation of the GOP bot script which became heavily popular once free usage was permitted.

I came to regret my decisions regarding script writing when my doing so resulted in the defiling of the game I had come to truly enjoy.
I came to regret my decision regarding crashing when I began to consider the collective frustration and annoyance I'd caused. Perhaps even the dozens of potential regulars I'd helped drive from the game entirely,  a shameful contrast with the good Timo has done.

At the end of the day though GOP is still just a game (within a game?!) and with that being said it's served its purpose in this sense with it's every fiber. Because I had fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Gop Story   

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Your Gop Story
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