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 Lexicon Akademia

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Gop Academy


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PostSubject: Lexicon Akademia   Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:25 am

The Lexicon Akademia is an open project that aims to explain all GOP terminology. Contribute with your sample of words and explanations.

Convention terminology:

"Prototick" = Prototicks occur given some conditions (link), and cause a delay by one tick before being able to manipulate the orb, after having clicked the orb within reach. "Tap-delay" is a word used by prehistoric ancient normal people (old people in their youth), to describe prototicks that occur after you've tapped an orb.

"Orbdrag" = When you move while manipulating the path of an orb (holding).

"Premovement" = When you click an orb out of reach and move to it until you're in its reach.

Miscellaneous terminology:

"Ninjangle" = Very cool angle.

"Angleninja" = Angleninjas do ninjangles. Fundamentalist angleninjas do ninjangles often at times where it's completely unecessary and even cost ticks, but do them anyway to the joy in the annoyance (jealousy) upon the faces of their peers.

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PostSubject: Other Terms   Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:19 pm

"OAO" - Orb Altar Orb
"Pillar" - An orb trapped behind a pillar.

"Trees" - An orb trapped behind a tree in the Fire Altar.

"Veins" - An orb trapped behind a vein in the Body Altar.

Example: If I hadn't had so many "trees" I would've gotten a 40.

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Gop Literacy

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PostSubject: Re: Lexicon Akademia   Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:47 am

Categorization of spawns by hold length: For a positive integer n, an "n-away" is an orb that must be held a minimum of n ticks for it to be scored from your position. Certain spawns have a different value of n depending on where you are standing.

Diagonal loss: a tick loss caused by an orb traversing one diagonal square in 2 ticks by means of moving one square horizontally and then one square vertically, when it could have traversed it in one tick with a different strategy by the player(s). Applicable mainly with 2 or more players, where respawn time becomes increasingly important.

In 3v0s and 4v0s, the most common type of diagonal loss is, say, west attracting the 2-away at (5, -3) when north could have attracted it.
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PostSubject: Re: Lexicon Akademia   

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Lexicon Akademia
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