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 Gop School Course: Modern GOP

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Gop Literacy

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PostSubject: Gop School Course: Modern GOP   Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:01 am

This would do good with suggestions upon improvements to the curriculum of this course, so if anyone has any ideas, share them.

Course name: Modern GOP (Applied Tick-counting and Philosophy).
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Teacher(s): Timo

- Read the curriculum.
- Gop Literacy Course.
- an account on the Gop Academy, as, here, there are tools and a forum for answering in Standard Notation that will be essential for the course.
- A good good understanding of close-altar angles.

This course aims to provide knowledge to shape one's playing style for the better, whilst also providing philosophy and tools to quest on evolving one's playing style even further after completing the course.

Lectures will be given with words and examples, either one by one or in classes. Input on how might be a good idea on going about this would be helfpful. Questions are always welcome wherever they are asked. Students will hopefully be given a time to breathe while digesting the course material. Students will be observed when playing to see if and how they apply changes to their playing style accordingly.

The course is heavily themed upon 'multiorbing', but this terminology is too broad for the many variants and justifications for it throughout. This catagory is presented in subjects such as, f.ex., "2-tick holding" and "Interjection".

Stage I; Applied tick-counting:
What insights the ability of counting ticks can grant to one's playing style.

  • A) 2-tick holding

    • a1) Explaining with puzzles where and how this saves ticks.
    • a2) Foresight in 2-tick holding; arranging in what sequence to take sets of orbs.

      • a1-1) Puzzles like: Two 1-aways and one 2-away, where one should tap a 1-away first.

    • a3) Explaining why one should hold 3-aways for 3 ticks in 2-tick holding.
    • a4) 2-tick holding extended through one-tick gaps.
    • a5)

  • B) Premovement

    • b1) Examples/lists of where one can use this.
    • b2) Ctrl-running
    • b3) Beware of one-tick gaps again, when you can tap an orb before premovement only to have to face because you tapped an orb.

  • C) Interjection

    • c1) Focusing on certain areas where applying this is a definite benefit.

Stage II; Philosophy:
Balancing ideas and getting into further developed philosophy unto playing-style that requires some indevidual thought.

  • A) Orb potential

    • a1) Timing potential
    • a2) Preholding potential
    • a3) Orbdrag potential

  • B) Position potential

    • b1) Choosing position
    • b2) Balancing position potential and tick-efficiency
    • b3) Spawn wagering (neglect far spawns)

  • C) "Ambition" with potential

    • c1) Multiorbing-proximity balance

Desired results after course:
Solo Average on Air Altar: 37~38 both colours.
A diploma !
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Gop School Course: Modern GOP
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