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PostSubject: Prototicks   Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:14 pm

In my experience, this concept is one of the most revolutionizing concepts when techniques that arise from it are applied correctly to one's playing-style. Many supreme goppers I have met, are completely oblivious to the benefits of studying it. Some even know about it, but say it would be too tiresome to make such a great overhaul of their ancient playing-style. So best learn it early.

If you are completely idle for more than one tick, you may manipulate an orb immediately. Elsewise, there are certain conditions that, when met, halts you for a tick before manipulating an orb. This delay before attracting or repelling an orb, is called a prototick.

Prototicks occur when:
- You tapped an orb in the tick before.
- You stop moving in the tick before you click the orb.
- Manipulating an orb with the "change-wand" option.

If you complete a prototick on an orb, you can switch to another orb and immediately influence it. That is, a prototick is not specific to an orb.
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