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GOP Angle Map

Note: Firefox is not supported. This page uses HTML5 and JavaScript, and many JavaScript constructs that work on the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome do not work in Firefox.

The grid below is a 53 x 53 grid.

Click a square to place the player on that position. All reachable squares within a 10-square radius (using the maximum metric) will be highlighted yellow.

If Draw line of sight is checked, after you click a square to place the player on a position, you can click another square to place an orb at that position. A line is drawn from the player to the orb. Squares that intersect the line will be colored. If all squares along the line are green, then that means that there are no barriers in the path. If there is at least one red square along the line, that means that the orb is not reachable and all squares starting from the first barrier will be colored red. Distance is not taken into account. You can click the current player position to clear it so that you can move the player to another place.

Note that the starting and ending points of the line with respect to the starting square is dependent on the slope of the line. This is the crucial discovery that I made and immediately explains the 8:9 mystery. For those who don't know what the 8:9 mystery is, place the player at (0, -2) and an orb at (-8, 7). Notice that, contrary to common logic, the orb turns out to not be reachable. The line of sight shows why.



Mouse coordinates: (0, 0) | Player coordinates: N/A | Orb coordinates: N/A | Distance from orb to altar: Infinity

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